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    Review Is Echostage DC Worth the Price of Admission?

    Written by Fine Art Videos. Posted in Club space, Echostage dc, Surrender lineup

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    When you think about the best party scenes in the world, you likely think about places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Ibiza, Berlin, and underground speakeasies in warehouse districts that are too awesome to mention by name in a place like this. Most people don’t think of Washington D.C. for its party scene. It’s obscene housing prices, maybe, but not a place to go clubbing.
    Of course, that’s finally starting to change, thanks in no small part to Club Glow and Echostage events. If you find yourself in between New York City and Miami and feel like hitting the dancefloor, then Echostage events are your best option.
    Not only is Echostage the District of Columbia’s biggest nightlife concert space, but since it was taken over by Panorama Productions and Club Glow in 2012 it’s completely changed the n