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    Going Off Road with Your Motorized Skateboard

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    Off road electric skateboard

    According to 11 million people, skateboarding is something they do on a regular basis. Of these people who enjoy the sport of skateboarding, some are referred to as “casual skaters” and the rest are known are “core skaters.” If you hit your board one to twenty-five time a year, you fall into the former category, while going out twenty-six or more times a year puts you in the latter.

    Regardless of which group you fall into, you have undoubtedly seen the sport of skateboarding evolve in a number of different directions since it first hit the pavement several decades ago. Back when the sport began, experimentation led to the development of different kinds of wheels, boards, and places to take those boards.

    Now, with the advancement of technology, that progressive spirit has not stopped; it has o

    Can a Motorized Skateboard Be a Better Choice Than Traditional Boards?

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    Skateboard electric

    While a motorized skateboard may seem like a bad idea for beginning riders, you’ll find the opposite is true. Because the job of propelling the board forward is handled by the motor, the rider simple needs to focus on keeping their balance. There are about 11 million people in the U.S. who enjoy skateboarding often, and that number could be even higher if the ease of use of the motorized skateboard were more widely known.

    Is Skateboarding Inherently Dangerous And Can a Motorized Skateboard Make It Safer?

    The U.S. has about 500 reported skateboard parks. The people heading to these parks may be a casual skater, who is someone that skates fewer than 25 times each year. Anyone who skates more than 26 times in one year is called a core skater, whether that time is spent on the road or at the

    How Regular Dance Lessons Can Improve Your Health

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    Charleston ballroom dance

    Have you ever wanted to learn to dance? Anyone can dance, but to really reap the benefits it might be helpful to learn one of the types of ballroom dances. The phrase “ballroom dance” encompasses about 10 different partnered styles. If you are unfamiliar with these, don’t worry. With a little more information, you may find the confidence to seek out a nearby dance studio to begin your training.

    The Types of Ballroom Dances, Both International and American.

    Yes, America has its own category within the dance world. The difference between an International style dance and American style is that in the former, the dance partners must be in physical contact wi