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    Benefits of an All Terrain Electric Skateboard

    Written by Fine Art Videos. Posted in Electric powered skateboards, Motorized longboard for sale, Motorized longboards

    Skateboard with electric motor

    Have you ever asked yourself if you are a core skater or a casual skater? Although most people probably don’t know, there is a difference. A core skater is someone who skateboards 26 or more times per year, while a casual skater is someone that skates between one and 25 times in a given year.

    For most people, the difference between a core skater and a causal skater really do not matter. The people that really focus on these differences are the marketers and how they market skateboards and skateboard products because they understand the difference between a core skater and a casual skater is great in terms of how they view skateboarding and what they are going to be more interested in buying.

    There are roughly 11 million people that claim to enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. M