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    Art in the Workplace and in Healthcare Facilities Serves Many Different Purposes

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    An old debate which is not likely to be settled any time soon centers around whether art should have a purpose or if it exists only for its own sake. The truth is that like beauty, the meaning and purpose of art lie in the eye of the beholder. Art may exist for its own sake, and serve many different purposes at the same time. It can inspire reflection and creativity, soothe and even heal, and energize working and public spaces. Corporate art consultants can help managers and designers to find the right artwork for spaces in healthcare facilities, corporate offices and the hospitality industry.

    Art in public spaces
    Art in public spaces can serve many different purposes beyond aesthetics. It can inspire, energize, soothe, and even heal. Art in the workplace can boost creativity and productivity and hospital art can help patients and their families to relax and feel more at home. In corporate and work spaces, art design can soften the often impersonal feel a