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    Going Off Road with Your Motorized Skateboard

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    Off road electric skateboard

    According to 11 million people, skateboarding is something they do on a regular basis. Of these people who enjoy the sport of skateboarding, some are referred to as “casual skaters” and the rest are known are “core skaters.” If you hit your board one to twenty-five time a year, you fall into the former category, while going out twenty-six or more times a year puts you in the latter.

    Regardless of which group you fall into, you have undoubtedly seen the sport of skateboarding evolve in a number of different directions since it first hit the pavement several decades ago. Back when the sport began, experimentation led to the development of different kinds of wheels, boards, and places to take those boards.

    Now, with the advancement of technology, that progressive spirit has not stopped; it has o

    Can a Motorized Skateboard Be a Better Choice Than Traditional Boards?

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    Skateboard electric

    While a motorized skateboard may seem like a bad idea for beginning riders, you’ll find the opposite is true. Because the job of propelling the board forward is handled by the motor, the rider simple needs to focus on keeping their balance. There are about 11 million people in the U.S. who enjoy skateboarding often, and that number could be even higher if the ease of use of the motorized skateboard were more widely known.

    Is Skateboarding Inherently Dangerous And Can a Motorized Skateboard Make It Safer?

    The U.S. has about 500 reported skateboard parks. The people heading to these parks may be a casual skater, who is someone that skates fewer than 25 times each year. Anyone who skates more than 26 times in one year is called a core skater, whether that time is spent on the road or at the

    How Regular Dance Lessons Can Improve Your Health

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    Charleston ballroom dance

    Have you ever wanted to learn to dance? Anyone can dance, but to really reap the benefits it might be helpful to learn one of the types of ballroom dances. The phrase “ballroom dance” encompasses about 10 different partnered styles. If you are unfamiliar with these, don’t worry. With a little more information, you may find the confidence to seek out a nearby dance studio to begin your training.

    The Types of Ballroom Dances, Both International and American.

    Yes, America has its own category within the dance world. The difference between an International style dance and American style is that in the former, the dance partners must be in physical contact wi

    A Few Tips on Organizing Your Outdoor Corporate Event Space

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    Wedding chairs

    Are you planning to host an outdoor event complete with speeches or other types of presentations? In this case, you’ll want to have a tent that is large enough to accommodate several rows of chairs as well as conference tables or a podium for the speakers.

    If you host these types of events on a regular basis, such as once a month or more often, your company may want to purchase a corporate event tent along with chairs and the other necessary accoutrement. When you just host these types of events 3 or 4 times a year, however, it makes sense to rent chairs and a corporate event tent.

    Tents for outdoor event rentals are available in 2 basic styles. Whether you choose a frame tent or a pole tent w

    Try Something New for your Next Charity Fundraiser

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    Unique birthday party ideas

    Every year, thousands of people plan parties for all kinds of different social events and gatherings. Sometimes, there are office parties, other times there may be fundraisers, and still other times people are wanting to have their friends over to the house but want to do something different than what they are always doing.

    People love variety and different ways that things can be spiced up. There are many fun company event ideas and tons of fun party ideas for adults. If you are in the position where you are planning an even that could use a little spice, it might not be a bad idea to consider a casino night party theme.

    Roughly 40 million people play poker on a somewhat regular

    Exploring the Most Recent Developments in Black Celebrity News

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    Current celebrity news

    If you watched the Oscars last month, you may have noticed that there was more diversity this year than in previous years. Even though there were a few mishaps, the Academy set a new record by nominating six black actors. When it comes to black celebrity news, it’s important to stay involved. There are many African American celebrities who have recently made meaningful contributions to the arts. Here are just a few examples.

    First, Will Smith is one of the most famous African American. From rapping to acting, Will Smith if one of Hollywood’s most famous leading men. In fact, Will Smith is one of the film industry’s most highly paid actors — almost all of his films have grossed over $100 million.

    Oprah Winfrey is also

    Optimize Your Time with Post-Production Photography Services

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    Photo editing company for photographers

    As a professional photographer, you are aware of the importance of providing quality images for your clients’ online advertising campaigns. On an annual basis, these online campaigns bring in approximately $149 billion in revenue, which helps to keep you in business.

    In addition to online advertising campaigns, many businesses also need brochures, flyers, posters, and other print media to promote their products and services. For some clients, photographic quality may be even more important for their print rather than their online advertising campaigns.

    Photographic images created with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging continue to be in high demand because these composite images provide greater detail. In addition to being able to reflect nuances of light and shadow, HDR imaging

    Relax and Have Fun on Your Next Family Vacation

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    Giant slides

    When was the last time you had paid time off from work? Did you take a vacation with your family? It’s so much easier to take your mind off work and other obligations when you engage in indoor and outdoor family adventures. Just imagine exploring and experiencing these and other fun activities:

    • Giant slides
    • Laser room
    • Parkour
    • Rock climbing
    • Tree houses
    • Zip lines

    Were you aware that many people continue to work while they’re on vacation? A recent survey showed that this was true for 61% of the participants. Furthermore, approximately 25% of the participants replied that not only did a colleague get in touch with them regarding work, the boss actually contacted 20% of these vacationing participants as well.

    It’s interesting to note that wo

    Expression, Art, Life The Benefits of Dance on the Body and Spirit

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    Tampa ballroom dancing

    Dance is one of the key elements of human expression along with music, writing, and culture. Shared across the world by multiple civilizations and people, dance has always enjoyed a centers stage when it comes to the history of our species. Today dance is more popular than ever with a 35% increase in the number of Americans who have taken ballroom dance classes for kids from 2001 to 2011. In the United States there are an estimated 8,404 dance studios specializing in everything from hip-hop dancing to elegant ballroom dance. Despite the fact that there have been no events dedicated to it over the past two summer Olympics, ballroom dancing has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee since September 5, 1997 with the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) serving as the sole representative body

    The Indisputable Beauty of Glass Paintings

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    Glass studios

    We have all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to be sure, everyone has their own specific tastes, preferences, tendencies, and opinions. But there are a few different forms of art that will at least catch the eye of each person who happens by them, and elicit some form of reaction or another. Glass paintings fall into that category of things with the ability to capture attention. Not all art exhibitions will have this type of work, which is perhaps why they are so enticing to look at.

    The unique qualities of artists and their art

    Contemporary glass art, of course, could have designs and functions as unique as their creators. Even if you were to attend several different art events featuring glass pai