“Puzzling” Facts 4 Things You Never Knew About Jigsaw Puzzles

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    Jigsaw puzzles are one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Even today, puzzles are popular with a wide variety of folks. From easy puzzles, like a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle, to hard puzzles, such as those behemoth 2000 piece puzzles, it’s a hobby that many love. But there are things most people don’t know about puzzles! Here are 4 quick facts that might surprise you about this fantastic way to pass the time.

    Puzzles Have Been Around For Over 2000 Years

    The first puzzle has been attributed to Greek mathematician Archimedes way back in 250 BCE. Apparently, all this early puzzle amounted to was a square split up into smaller pieces. This basic puzzle led to the creation of all of those lovely and moderately difficult puzzles we know of today!

    Working On Puzzles Produces Dopamine

    Dopamine is a chemical produced in y