The Preservation Techniques of Old Papers and Photos

    Written by Fine Art Videos. Posted in Aluminum picture frames, Pliable white tape

    The Internet is a powerful but very recent form of communication. Ever since antiquity, societies around the world have used physical means for recording information, ranging from papyrus in ancient Egypt to Cuneiform carvings in Mesopotamia to paper and animal skin scrolls and parchment. Even as recently as the early 1900s, all forms of communication were physical, mainly paper and photographs. The problem here is that many such old documents or photos contain sentimental or educational material that no one wants to lose, but the paper or photos are bound to degrade over time. What can be done to prevent the loss of educational or culturally (or personally) significant text and images? This is where professional preservation and archiving comes in, and old documents, maps, photographs, parchment, and more can be kept in good shape. Binder sleeves, custom mat cuttin